New Icon Mini Sticker Sheets


These round colorful icon sticker sheets are available in my store now.

On each mini sticker sheet there are a total of 51 stickers. 42 round icons and 9 illustrated icons. The sticker sheets are: Houses (mortgage/rent), Irons, Groceries (food/shopping), Exercise (Gym/workout), Mobiles, Bins and Recycling, Washing Machines and Money (dollars/savings/bills).





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New stickers – in store now!


Three new sticker sheets have been added to my Etsy store.

Icon Sticker Sheet – circle stickers with various icons you can use in your planner or diary to plan out your week. These include balloon, weight, dollar sign, money note, present, happy, sad, doctor, shopping basket, grocery trolley, bin, heart, popcorn, car, house, pet, meal, birthday cake, mail, airplane, ball, facebook, washing machine, instagram, TV and YouTube.


Conversation Hearts Sticker Sheet – It’s in the same really. There’s 45 of them. And they contain sweet words. Great to decorate your planner.


Various Planner Stickers – This one is one of my faves and I didn’t really know what to call it. It just has a whole bunch of my favourite planner stickers you can use for your weekly spread, and also some cute fruity and sweet ones. You can probably see that it mainly centers around food! But there are some for entertainment, weekly chores and events/appointments. It’s also a collection of some of my Mini Stickers for those that are more interested in a sampler. To check out my whole range of Mini Stickers go here and here.

I also recently bought The Happy Planner and absolutely LOVE it! I have already started brainstorming and designing some stickers sets that will go with these planners as well so stay tuned.


More Planner Stickers!



If you haven’t seen my previous post already, I’ve started to add my planner stickers to my Etsy store. The mini sticker sets are now available for purchase!

Now, there’s a few other sticker sheets that I’ve added to my store! The cleaning and task header sticker sheets are perfect for any Erin Condren planner addicts out there. But they really can be used in any diary, planner or journal. There’s also cupcake/sweets stickers and a gift tag stickers that are good for decorating gifts or your planners.



Go check them out now! And watch out for more coming soon. I will also be doing some printable ones that you can print and cut on sticker sheets at home yourself!

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Mini Stickers! Available Now!


Today is the day! These really cute and colourful mini sticker sheets are now available for purchase in my Etsy store! I’m so super excited! Squee!

There are 18 different designs and you can create your own set. Minimum amount is 3 sheets, maximum amount is 10 sheets. Go check them out here now!

MiniStickers2 MiniStickers3 MiniStickers6

Here is a closer look of all 18 designs to make selection easier (or harder). I think they’re all adorable and personally find it hard to choose. I’m using all of them in my Erin Condren planner, but you can also use them in any planner (like Kikki.K or Filofax), journal or diary. You just have to be a planner nut like me! And love stickers! It’s so much fun planning my week with these fun stickers and decorating it!

These are all the designs:
• Fast Food
• Groceries
• Bath Tubs
• Candles and Cakes
• Piggy Banks
• Emoticons
• Twitter
• Instagram
• YouTube
• Popcorn
• TVs
• Money
• Weights
• Scales
• Nail Polish
• Toilets
• Washing Machines
• Paw Prints

I definitely have more ideas to add more to this collection and will update you when they become available!

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