New Icon Mini Sticker Sheets


These round colorful icon sticker sheets are available in my store now.

On each mini sticker sheet there are a total of 51 stickers. 42 round icons and 9 illustrated icons. The sticker sheets are: Houses (mortgage/rent), Irons, Groceries (food/shopping), Exercise (Gym/workout), Mobiles, Bins and Recycling, Washing Machines and Money (dollars/savings/bills).





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Savings and Debt Log Planner


Another planner has been added to my store. It’s a savings and debt log planner which is great for keeping track of your savings and/or your debts. I like to physically see it written out! So you can see the savings adding up month by month. Or, that my debt is slowing going down!

IMG_7161 IMG_7162

You can check it out in my Etsy store now!Signature