New Icon Mini Sticker Sheets


These round colorful icon sticker sheets are available in my store now.

On each mini sticker sheet there are a total of 51 stickers. 42 round icons and 9 illustrated icons. The sticker sheets are: Houses (mortgage/rent), Irons, Groceries (food/shopping), Exercise (Gym/workout), Mobiles, Bins and Recycling, Washing Machines and Money (dollars/savings/bills).





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New stickers – in store now!


Three new sticker sheets have been added to my Etsy store.

Icon Sticker Sheet – circle stickers with various icons you can use in your planner or diary to plan out your week. These include balloon, weight, dollar sign, money note, present, happy, sad, doctor, shopping basket, grocery trolley, bin, heart, popcorn, car, house, pet, meal, birthday cake, mail, airplane, ball, facebook, washing machine, instagram, TV and YouTube.


Conversation Hearts Sticker Sheet – It’s in the same really. There’s 45 of them. And they contain sweet words. Great to decorate your planner.


Various Planner Stickers – This one is one of my faves and I didn’t really know what to call it. It just has a whole bunch of my favourite planner stickers you can use for your weekly spread, and also some cute fruity and sweet ones. You can probably see that it mainly centers around food! But there are some for entertainment, weekly chores and events/appointments. It’s also a collection of some of my Mini Stickers for those that are more interested in a sampler. To check out my whole range of Mini Stickers go here and here.

I also recently bought The Happy Planner and absolutely LOVE it! I have already started brainstorming and designing some stickers sets that will go with these planners as well so stay tuned.


Baby Food Labels


It’s true when they say that parenthood is a full time job. Getting baby’s food organised and properly labeled makes the job a whole lot easier. As a newborn, it was labeling breastmilk or formula (see my breastmilk or formula free printable labels here). Now that my baby is 6 months old, she is a BIG eater. Probably because she’s been drinking EleCare (a hypoallergenic formula that helps with her milk intolerance) and it tastes DISGUSTING – I know, I’ve tasted it! So she LOVES LOVES LOVES her solids.

I make all her pureés at home and put them all in baby food freezer containers. But she’s got a whole variety of fruit, veggies and meat – so labeling them makes it easy to know what’s what.

Just print this Baby Food Label Free Printable on sticker paper (removeable and waterproof is ideal) at home and label away! The labels have cute little food illustrations on them, and some are just blank.


For those that don’t want to print at home and rather buy the actual labels themselves, I also sell them in my Etsy store. You get 32 labels, 20 with illustrations and 12 blank, and they’re printed on waterproof removeable sticker paper so it doesn’t smudge and is really easy to peel off. BUY NOW.


For the FREE PRINTABLE version, click below.



2016 Mini Calendars – In Store Now!


2016 Mini Food Calendar Printable… yours instantly for only $2.20AU!

These mini calendars are perfect for your planners, journals, ring binders… or even just stick up on your wall. They’re available for instant download now in my Etsy store.


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