New stickers – in store now!


Three new sticker sheets have been added to my Etsy store.

Icon Sticker Sheet – circle stickers with various icons you can use in your planner or diary to plan out your week. These include balloon, weight, dollar sign, money note, present, happy, sad, doctor, shopping basket, grocery trolley, bin, heart, popcorn, car, house, pet, meal, birthday cake, mail, airplane, ball, facebook, washing machine, instagram, TV and YouTube.


Conversation Hearts Sticker Sheet – It’s in the same really. There’s 45 of them. And they contain sweet words. Great to decorate your planner.


Various Planner Stickers – This one is one of my faves and I didn’t really know what to call it. It just has a whole bunch of my favourite planner stickers you can use for your weekly spread, and also some cute fruity and sweet ones. You can probably see that it mainly centers around food! But there are some for entertainment, weekly chores and events/appointments. It’s also a collection of some of my Mini Stickers for those that are more interested in a sampler. To check out my whole range of Mini Stickers go here and here.

I also recently bought The Happy Planner and absolutely LOVE it! I have already started brainstorming and designing some stickers sets that will go with these planners as well so stay tuned.


More Sticker Kits!



Check them out! More sticker kits available in my store! These two latest additions are the donut kit and tribal kit.




Don’t forget that when you buy any of my large kits – you receive a free stationery mystery prize!




Follow me on my Instagram to see how I use these planner stickers in my Erin Condren planner. I am getting into a habit of making sure I snap a picture of my previous week’s spread.

To read more information on what’s featured on each sticker sheet go to my Etsy listing – DONUT KIT or TRIBAL KIT.

Hope you like them!Signature

New Finance Stickers!



Got these two new additions to the store – Money/Finance stickers! The non-illustrated one is a mini sheet but you’ve pretty much got everything you need there – pay day, bill due, scheduled, overdue, paid and save… as well as some cute dollar sign circle stickers.

I’ve also designed this illustrated one with piggy banks, electricity bulbs, water drops, houses, cars, money notes etc, which I think is very cute and although NO ONE loves to be reminded when their bills are due, it’s a delightful way to decorate your planner.

Both are available in my ETSY store now!Signature

Free Printable: Fishing Game


You all know this game. Use the magnets on the end of your rods to fish out the paper fish! All yours, ready to print out and play!


You’ll need 2 magnets, 24 paperclips, 2 wooden rods as your fishing poles (you can use straws or sticks) and 2 equal length pieces of string.

Cut all the fish out and clip a paperclip to each one. Put them all in a bowl. Glue a magnet to one end of the string and tie the other to your rod. Get fishing!

There are different points to each different sea creature. The one with the most points – wins!


Download the printable below:


Happy fishing!Signature