New Character Stickers – Harry Potter, Star Wars and Beauty and the Beast




These are the movies I’m looking forward to watching – Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Star Wars Episode VIII and Beauty and the Beast. And that is why I have movie character stickers of these films in my store now! I also have others, but thought I’d give these a special mention.

Fantastic Beast will be coming out this week and I’m super excited! The world of Harry Potter lives on! Woohoo! I can’t wait for another magical movie!

The new live-action movie Beauty and The Beast with Emma Watson is coming out next March. I’m a fan of Emma and a fan of the fairytale so am really looking forward to the awesome match-up. Beauty and The Beast is probably in my top 3 Disney princess movies. Number 1 would be The Little Mermaid.

And then there’s Star Wars, which I am a fan of… just in general really. Although the newer movies will never beat the originals, I really enjoy the Star Wars universe. I mean, look at those cute storm trooper, obi-wan and R2-D2 stickers! How can you resist?

Go check out the 3 sticker sheets in my store now!Signature

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