Free Printable: Counting Flash Cards


My latest flash card set – 1 to 10 Counting Flash Cards (with a card wallet to keep them in too)!

I recommend printing them out on card stock for durability. And laminate them for extra longevity! (I wish I had a laminator at home… a trip to Kmart maybe? A laminator would be so useful).


Download them with the link below.


Before you leave! Check out my other counting FREE PRINTABLES:

Simple Number Flash Cards
Cupcake Count & Match


Free Printable: Let’s Go Shopping! – Sweet Shop


Not sure if it’s very obvious, but I love illustrating sweets. Cupcakes, lollies, cakes, cookies, donuts, ice creams… I’m obsessed!

I love shopping games and thought to make a paper version that’s both fun and educational!


Cut all your sweets out and stock your Sweet Shop. There are clear spots on the Sweet Shop ‘game board’ where the sweets go. Every sweet has a price tag. Cut all your coins out. And then, all you need to do is GO SHOPPING! Pick out a sweet, and pay the right amount of dollars! *Note: sweets are not actually edible!


Other shops coming soon! Download the Sweet Shop below.


Have fun!Signature

Free Printable: Simple Number Flash Cards


The free printables on this blog have been a little bit sparse lately (sorry!), so here’s a set of simple number flash cards for easy learning! The numbers are from 1-12.


I promise the next one will be a bit more exciting. Maybe even relating to Easter! Anywho, as simple as they are, they will help the little ones in counting numbers and spelling. Download below.


Happy learning!Signature

Cupcake Count & Match


This Cupcake Count & Match game is totally free! Print these out and cut the numbers out. Kids can count the number of strawberries on each cupcake and match it to the number. You could also cut out each cupcake and use it to match the number.


A great little learning activity for the kids! To download this Free Printable Kids Activity Game click below.

I hope the little ones get a real kick out of these! Enjoy!Signature