Free Printable: Counting Flash Cards


My latest flash card set – 1 to 10 Counting Flash Cards (with a card wallet to keep them in too)!

I recommend printing them out on card stock for durability. And laminate them for extra longevity! (I wish I had a laminator at home… a trip to Kmart maybe? A laminator would be so useful).


Download them with the link below.


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Free Printable: Weather Flash Cards


Got another addition to my Flash Cards, and this one is all about the Weather!


There are 8 different Weather flash cards in this set. Print them out (thick card stock is best), cut them out and you can choose to laminate them to make the last longer. Download below.


Free Printable: Simple Number Flash Cards


The free printables on this blog have been a little bit sparse lately (sorry!), so here’s a set of simple number flash cards for easy learning! The numbers are from 1-12.


I promise the next one will be a bit more exciting. Maybe even relating to Easter! Anywho, as simple as they are, they will help the little ones in counting numbers and spelling. Download below.


Happy learning!Signature

Emotions Flash Cards


With Baby W due any day now, there’s just enough time for me to do one more FREE PRINTABLE before she comes. This is another Flash Card set using Emoticon Emoticons.

EmoticonFlash3 EmoticonFlash2

There are 12 different emotions in this set – Happy, Sad, In Love, Excited, Surprised, Angry, Scared, Embarrassed, Confused, Sick, Shy and Confident.


If you’ve been following my Instagram, you’ll know that I recently purchased a Silhouette Portrait cutting machine and have been playing with it since day dot. I’m a fellow planner addict (if you couldn’t tell already) and have been madly designing/drawing up sticker sheets for other planner enthusiasts to start selling in my Etsy store. These emoticon illustrations will feature as stickers as well, so keep your eyes peeled.

To download the Emotions Flash Cards, click below. Enjoy!