Free Printable: Christmas Activity Book


Christmas is nearly here!!! I am super duper excited. I love Christmas. I love everything about it – the food, presents, family, holidays and weather! I’ve just put up our tree and decorated parts of the house (stockings near our fireplace and a wreath at our front door). The only thing left to do would be to put the lights on our house. Since it’s our first year in our new house we don’t have a huge stock of lights but our plan is to add a little bit to it every year.

When Christmas comes round, that also means… Holidays! And here is a Christmas Activity Book to get your kids excited for Christmas and also to cure any boredom.


There’s 7 A5 pages full of fun. Download below, print it out and you can staple them together like a book or even punch a hole at the top and thread some string to bind them.

XmasActBook3 XmasActBook4

Hope your kids enjoy it! Give them some coloured pencils or crayons, maybe some stickers or stamps for decorating! Have fun!LineImportantInfoSignatureSubscribe

FREE Mini Paper Games


I apologise for the lack of posts lately folks, but I’ve been busying myself with designing planner printables for my new Etsy store. Not only that, but I’ve also been gardening. Yes, gardening. I am bad at gardening. My thumb is more red than green. My knowledge of gardening consists of: plant goes into dirt, water goes on plant. So I’ve started with aloe veras. I’ve been told they’re very easy and don’t require much maintenance at all. That being said, I’ve had succulents and cacti die on me before!

I’ve created 5 super fun paper mini games you can print and cut out to play if you’re traveling, or even if you’re simply bored at home. The games on this printable are: Categories, Boxes, Battleship, Tic-Tac-Toe, and Paper Golf.


If you need a refresher on the rules, here they are:

Paper Golf // Each person starts on the golf ball. With their eyes closed they must draw a line to where they think the hole is. Keep taking turns until the first person reaches the hole.

Tic-Tac-Toe // One person is the ‘O’. The other person is the ‘X’. Taking turns, you draw your ‘O’ or ‘X’ in the spaces in the grid. The first person to make 3 respective ‘Os’ or ‘Xs’ in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row wins.

Categories // Pick any letter in the alphabet. Each person runs through the list trying to name something in each category starting with that letter. This can run on a timer or simply stop when the first person has finished. You get 1 point for each original answer. Most points wins.

Battleship // Each player must arrange the ships in places on the grid. Once your ships are arranged, each player takes turns trying to ‘shoot’ the other person’s ships down. Call out the squares using the letters and numbers (e.g. A1, B6 etc). Once all the squares for that ship has been called out, that ship has sunk. First person to sink all of their opponent’s ships wins.

Boxes // Each person takes turns drawing a line from one dot to another vertically or horizontally. The goal is to make as many squares/boxes as you can. When you make a box, you get a free turn.


To download the games, click the link below.LineImportantInfo

I hope you enjoy playing with these mini paper games!


Cupcake Count & Match


This Cupcake Count & Match game is totally free! Print these out and cut the numbers out. Kids can count the number of strawberries on each cupcake and match it to the number. You could also cut out each cupcake and use it to match the number.


A great little learning activity for the kids! To download this Free Printable Kids Activity Game click below.

I hope the little ones get a real kick out of these! Enjoy!Signature

Free Printable: Wedding Activity Book


Whoopee! You’re getting married! And you’re looking for a way to occupy the kids during the Reception? I’ve just put together a fun activity book that the little ones are sure to enjoy! And it’s free to download (because I like you!).


You can download the PDF using the link at the bottom of this post. You’ll need to do a bit of double sided gluing to get the book looking like a book – but you get the idea. Punch out two holes to thread some ribbon or twine to combine all the pages together and voila!

WeddingPhoto3 WeddingPhoto4

WeddingPhoto5 WeddingPhoto6

I really hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to provide the kids with some colored pencils or crayons – maybe even some stamps or stickers for decorating! Have fun!

While I don’t ask any payment or donation for myself by releasing any of my Free Printables on my website, I would like to ask for a small donation to my beloved German Shepherd Rossy, who has just gone for emergency surgery for Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (GDV) or the same condition Marley had in the movie Marley & Me. If you would like to donate something go to his Go Fund Me page. Thank you so much.