Printable Baby Milestone Cards


Now available in my Etsy store! There are 24 cards in this printable Baby Milestone Card set. These are great photo props for taking pictures of your baby’s big milestones. They also make great gifts!


There are the usual 1-12 month old milestones and some extra milestones like sitting up, taking first steps, crawling and much more! You’ll need to print and cut them out yourself. I recommend printing them on thick card stock.



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Free Printable: Feed The Bunny (Number Match Game)


Here’s a fun number match printable for the kiddies to play! Cut all the bunnies and carrots out. Then just count and match the number of carrots to the number written on the bunny.


Hope you have fun feeding those hungry bunnies! Download below.


Mini Stickers 2!


A couple of weeks ago, I released a second lot of my Mini Stickers to my store (and totally forgot to blog about them!). I’ve added 15 more cute designs to my Mini Stickers!

You can create your own set using these new stickers and any of the ones from the first set I released. It just makes picking and choosing a little more difficult! To check the stickers out from my first set go here.




Here’s a closer look at all 15 new mini stickers.

• Car Wash
• Coffees
• Vacuums
• Child Care
• Contact Lenses
• Shampoos
• Chores
• Sushi
• Garbage bins
• Cat Brush & Wash
• Dog Brush & Wash
• Date Nights
• Study
• Bill Due
• Sale & Online Shopping

Combining all the designs from set 1 and set 2, there are now 33 different designs in total! Good luck choosing which ones you want!

To check out the new stickers go to my Etsy store now!



Free Printable: Simple Number Flash Cards


The free printables on this blog have been a little bit sparse lately (sorry!), so here’s a set of simple number flash cards for easy learning! The numbers are from 1-12.


I promise the next one will be a bit more exciting. Maybe even relating to Easter! Anywho, as simple as they are, they will help the little ones in counting numbers and spelling. Download below.


Happy learning!Signature