2016 Calendar Inserts


I did them for this year, and here they are again for 2016!

All you need to do is print them, cut them, punch them and insert in your planner!


These monthly calendar inserts are really handy to put in your planner for easy reference to the monthly dates.

The 2015 inserts I did were so popular! Thanks to everyone who shared their Instagram pics with me.

To download the 2016 Calendar Inserts free printable, click the bottom below.



2016 Daily Planner Printable


My Daily Planner Printable is back for 2016! It’s got a different design, a few new additions and some changes! It’s now available in my Mockeri Etsy Shop here!

Once purchased, you’ll get an automatic email with the PDF available to download instantly! So what’s inside and what’s new this year?



There are 5 new beautiful Cover pages of your choice, including these three – a cactus cover, conversation heart cover and a ‘Today is a good day’ quote cover. There’s also a pastel triangle one and one with black spots.


An intro to start off your planner where you can write who this planner belongs to is next, then a beautiful quote and a personal information page.



Over the next 4 pages are the 2016 and 2017 year at a glance calendar layouts and then there is a page for your 2016 goals.

What’s different about this planner this year is that at the beginning of every month, it starts with a cover page with a quote, then the monthly spread, then weekly spreads, and notes page at the end of the month. For 2015 I had all the monthly spreads together but it makes more sense to separate them this time.




The weekly spread design has slightly changed as well. There is plenty more writing space for your extra notes, a small monthly calendar reference in the corner and each day is separated into three block colours. You can use these how ever you wish! Maybe as morning, afternoon and evening; or important notes at the top, meals at the bottom, to-do list in the middle. It’s totally up to you!




At the end of the Daily Planner is a 2016 Savings Log page and a quote at the back to end it off!



This planner is designed in A5 size (210 x 148mm or 5.8″ x 8.3″) and to be printed back and front. If you have a perfectly good printer at home – just print it yourself – I did! My printer prints double sided too so it’s super duper easy! I just trimmed it, punched the holes and put it in my Kikki.K binder! If your printer doesn’t print double sided you’ll need to feed the printed pages back through manually – but the end result is worth it!

But wait, that’s not all! I’ve also included some extra add-ons! There’s general notes pages, contacts pages, presents pages and meal planner pages. You can print as many copies of these as you like, just print it multiple times to build up your planner!

2016PlannerBlogPhotos16 2016PlannerBlogPhotos17 2016PlannerBlogPhotos18

AAAAAANNNNDDDDDDD and I’ve included the little tabs for all the months and add-on pages too, so you can cut them out and stick them on the side like I’ve done with mine to make it easier for you to flip to the pages you want! Everything you need is practically included!


You can snag all of these pages in my 2016 Daily Planner Printable as an instant download file now – available here in my store!

My favourite Planner Binder (and the one I’ve just reused from 2015) is Kikki.K’s Leather Large Time Planners. They have the most beautiful designs and colours and Kikki.K comes out with different ones all the time! They come with their own dividers, stickers and labels; and there are pockets to hold pens, post-it notes and small notebooks. I love it! In fact, I think it might be time to get a new one…

If you do get my 2016 Daily Planner Printable I hope you enjoy it! Happy Planning!


More Planner Stickers!



If you haven’t seen my previous post already, I’ve started to add my planner stickers to my Etsy store. The mini sticker sets are now available for purchase!

Now, there’s a few other sticker sheets that I’ve added to my store! The cleaning and task header sticker sheets are perfect for any Erin Condren planner addicts out there. But they really can be used in any diary, planner or journal. There’s also cupcake/sweets stickers and a gift tag stickers that are good for decorating gifts or your planners.



Go check them out now! And watch out for more coming soon. I will also be doing some printable ones that you can print and cut on sticker sheets at home yourself!

Happy planning!Signature