Mini Stickers! Available Now!


Today is the day! These really cute and colourful mini sticker sheets are now available for purchase in my Etsy store! I’m so super excited! Squee!

There are 18 different designs and you can create your own set. Minimum amount is 3 sheets, maximum amount is 10 sheets. Go check them out here now!

MiniStickers2 MiniStickers3 MiniStickers6

Here is a closer look of all 18 designs to make selection easier (or harder). I think they’re all adorable and personally find it hard to choose. I’m using all of them in my Erin Condren planner, but you can also use them in any planner (like Kikki.K or Filofax), journal or diary. You just have to be a planner nut like me! And love stickers! It’s so much fun planning my week with these fun stickers and decorating it!

These are all the designs:
• Fast Food
• Groceries
• Bath Tubs
• Candles and Cakes
• Piggy Banks
• Emoticons
• Twitter
• Instagram
• YouTube
• Popcorn
• TVs
• Money
• Weights
• Scales
• Nail Polish
• Toilets
• Washing Machines
• Paw Prints

I definitely have more ideas to add more to this collection and will update you when they become available!

Happy Planning!Signature

Introducing the newest Mockeri member!


This face is the reason why Mockeri has been so quietly lately. But with a smile like hers, I’m hoping all is forgiven!

Introducing my little bubba Aria Monroe. She was born at 4:24pm on the 29th July (yes she’s already over 3 months old now!) at a very teeny tiny 2.39kgs. The past few months have been a complete whirlwind. We’ve had a bit of a rocky start with numerous doctor and hospital visits. I practically have the whole pharmacy at my house! We are working through reflux, allergies and redundant colon issues (the poor bubba) but as Ari grows older, she is getting more settled day by day.


It will be a very long road ahead as many of these issues will only settle through time and her little body growing bigger. We have our bad days (can’t remember the number of times I’ve attempted to write up this blog post – it’s been a work in progress for 3 months!) and our good days (I get to eat my main meals, shower and maybe even enjoy a full cup of tea before it gets cold!).


But her smiles, laughs and giggles always brighten my moments of frustration. When her tummy isn’t given her cramps, she is the happiest baby on this planet. She recognises us and smiles at all three of us – Mummy, Daddy and Rossy! And I swear (not being bias at all) that she is SO bright! She is constantly alert (baby don’t sleep), and she looks around at everything. I point to things and she looks with those big (most likely brown) eyes of hers. Rossy is equally infatuated with her. He is SO protective of her. Ever since we brought her home from the hospital, he’s been on high(-er) alert! Such a good guard dog.

Sorry for the extreme lack of posts lately! I have a whole bunch of stuff I want to blog, create and post about. Hopefully, I will find myself with more time up my sleeve as the weeks go on, so please don’t go anywhere!Signature