Free Printable: Aussie Animal Snap Game


I’ve had this idea of doing an Australian Animal Snap Game for AGES. It’s been on my ‘idea’ list for months and months! I sketched them out a while ago too but then painting them kept getting delayed. Now, finally, I’ve completed it!


You play it just like the Snap Game, alternating cards being put down until you get the same animal – then you SNAP! The person who gets all the cards win!

There are 9 different animals but with 4 different facts for each animal. I wanted this game to also be a little bit educational, so that you can learn about our native animals as well as have some fun!


It’s best if you print them out on thicker cardstock. Add a backing with a piece of patterned paper, wrapping paper or some contact paper to add an extra touch!

Hope you like!Signature

New to the Mockeri Store


There’s a new style Blog Planner Printable in my store. The Blog Planner Printable is one of my most popular items and I thought I’d revamp it and make another version with a different more simplistic style.


The new Blog Planner Printable is very similar to my older version, but is slightly different. I use these printables myself for this website, so included the categories and information boxes I think is most important when planning your blog post. I also like the big ‘completed’ check box at the bottom – just to sign it all off.


Ever since we bought our new house, I’ve been slowly finding a good cleaning schedule and routine that fits with my work and daily life. I know what my tasks are every week, month and few months in my head, so it just makes sense to put it all down in a planner!


There are check box tasks for weekly, monthly and quarterly (3 months) as well as blank check boxes to fill in yourself. At the bottom of each box, you can write the date all tasks are completed. Check out the Cleaning Planner Printable here.

Daily2 Daily3

I’ve also added this Daily Planner Printable to the shop. It’s a 1 pager (though you print double sided) and on it you can write all your daily tasks, appointments, meals, exercise, spendings and even water intake. It’s a great way to organize what you need to do or will be doing for the day.


I quite like the new black & white basic style these printables have. Both men and women can use them. And you could always decorate the pages up yourself by using stickers or different coloured pens! Let me know if you enjoy them too!

Check them all out in my Etsy Store now!


Free Printable: Writing Lesson – The Letter C


Download the next letter (The Letter C) in this Writing Lesson series. The Letter A can be downloaded here. The Letter B can be downloaded here.


I know I’m slow getting these out, so many baby things occupying my mind lately! But hopefully I can release a few more a bit faster and sooner before little miss makes an appearance! Hope you enjoy!