Free Printable: Writing Lesson – The Letter B


B. The second letter and writing lesson in my ‘Writing Lesson’ series. I’ve already done the letter A (A for Apple) which you can download here.


To download B (B for Ball), click the link below.LineImportantInfoSignature

Individual Baby Shower Games – Mockeri Store


I’ve already got a Baby Shower Game Kit available in my Etsy store. This includes 4 individual games – Baby Word Jumble, Baby Animal Quiz, Name That Rhyme and TV Family Show Quiz.

I’ve now just added 3 individual Baby Shower Games (with a different design) to my store.

A Celebrity Baby Name Match Game.

Name That Rhyme Game.

Baby Word Jumble Game.

These three games are available individually in my store now. You can download them instantly and print at home – as many copies as you want! Go check them out!

Hope you have fun!Signature

New Personal Size Planners – Mockeri Store

Photo 31-03-2015 2 00 55 pm

I’ve just added a whole bunch of my planners in Personal Size to my Mockeri Etsy store. Personal size is 170 x 95mm or 6.7 x 3.7 inches. Personal size planners are perfect for Kikki.K’s medium planners and also Filofax Personal Size organizers.

So far I’ve added my Blog Planner.

Photo 31-03-2015 2 06 59 pm Photo 31-03-2015 2 07 09 pm

Birthdays and Presents Planner.

Photo 31-03-2015 2 06 15 pm

Contacts Page.

Photo 31-03-2015 2 08 42 pm Photo 31-03-2015 2 08 57 pm Photo 31-03-2015 2 09 08 pm

Meal Planner.

Photo 31-03-2015 2 07 42 pm Photo 31-03-2015 2 07 51 pm Photo 31-03-2015 2 08 01 pm

Pet Tracker Planner.

I love my Medium Sized Kikki.K planner. It’s small enough to carry in my bag with me, and these planner printables are a perfect fit for it.

I will be bringing out more planners in this size, and also plan on doing my planners in A4 size too. Check out my store now.Signature