Baby: Ikea Room


I’m an uber fan of IKEA! I get a lot of inspiration and ideas on home decor and organization from there. For someone that isn’t too handy at building things and is always looking for nice modern pieces at affordable prices, IKEA is the place to go! It’s hard to ever go into their store and NOT buy a single thing.

The next thing on my ever growing house decorating/renovating list is of course the baby’s room! Here are some IKEA finds I quite like! The baskets are great for storing toys and/or blankets. The box organizers are great to go inside the drawers for a neater organization of clothes/cloths etc. IKEA have stacks of Baby and Children furniture and homewares. Go check them out!

TWO // IKEA HANGA Children’s Coat Hangers
SIX // IKEA MAGGA Seagrass Basket
EIGHT // IKEA SVIRA Box Organizers
NINE // IKEA KOPPANG Chest Of DrawersSignature

Baby Shower Games Kit


I’m starting to thin out the printables in my first store Tinys and Tea, and combine it with my Mockeri store so I can concentrate on only the one store. I didn’t want to get rid of the Baby Shower games as they’re pretty popular so I’ve updated them, and added them as a Kit in my Mockeri store which you can go check out now!

There are four games in the kit – Baby Word Jumble, Baby Animal Quiz, Name That Rhyme and TV Family Quiz.

It’s a lot of fun to play with your guests at your Baby Shower. All you need to do is print it out using your home printer – print as many copies as you would like depending on your guest number! – the file is yours to keep! Put a timer on each game for an extra challenge and reward those who get the most correct answers!

Hope you have a lot of fun with these!


Baby Planner Kit


Oh I’m so excited about this!

Ok, so you know I’m completely obsessed with stationery and that I love to organize right? Well, with baby on the way I created this Baby Planner Kit to help me plan and prepare for his/her arrival! So if there are new moms-to-be out there… this baby is available to purchase in my Mockeri store now!

BabyPlannerKit BabyPlannerKit2

So this 15 page planner starts with a double page of a huge lined baby to-do-list. Keep it at the front and check things off as you go. Then, track all your doctor appointments or even any ante-natal class appointments on the next page.

BabyPlannerKit3 BabyPlannerKit4

Plan and sketch out your nursery in the nursery budget and planner. Write down colors, themes, and things you need to buy. The next 2 pages are The Essentials list which is pretty much an entire list of the things you may need for Baby. It’s separated into different sections to help organize a bit better and you can add your own lists.

BabyPlannerKit5 BabyPlannerKit6

If you’re anything like me, then you’d already have a couple of names in the back of your mind for Baby. But here is where you can write down your list. Remember to consider meaning, middle names (if you want) and what the initials will be – that’s important!


Thinking of doing a Baby Shower? Write everything down – the details of your shower, guest list, baby registry and a shower gift log (for thank you notes)!

Research which pram and car seat to buy in the Baby Research section. Oh boy, there are tonnes of different prams/strollers and car seats out there. For a new mom, it’s overwhelming knowing where to start! Write down some choices, compare cons/pros and the features you want the most in your pram/car seat.


Last but not least, is the day of delivery! This list for Baby and for Mom will help you know what to pack!

I’m going to get to it and start filling my planner out. You can snag your own copy of this planner as an instant download file right here, right now! Yay!

I hope all you mummies out there find this useful! Let me know if you have any suggestions! Happy Baby Planning!