Free Printable: Sweet Shop Kids Game


I am so excited to be posting this! My free Sweet Shop Game for Kids!

One of my favourite kinds of iPad games are the ones that involve cooking, serving food, restaurant management or anything similar. If you haven’t already played it, Hot Dog Bush is one of those great games. I think it also stemmed from when I was younger and used to play Shop with my mummy! She loves cooking, so she would make all these treats and we would use pretend money to go shopping in her ‘treat store’. Anyway, it gave me this idea of making a game that was like this, but also making it educational so you could also teach your kids about maths.


I made cute Cupcake Pretend Money which you use to purchase the Sweet Shop Items. I made 4 categories of Sweet Shop Items – Cupcakes, Ice Creams, Cakes, Candies, and Biscuits. Each shop item has the name and the price on it. Kids can use the pretend money to buy items from the shop. This will help them learn how to use money and do the maths to purchase the items.



In this complete set of the Free Printable Game, there’s 20 sweet shop item cards available (4 items in each category). They include Macaroons, Jelly Beans, Red Velvet Cupcake, Lemon Drizzle Cake, Chocolate Heart Ice Cream, Lollipops, Strawberry Donut and lots more – just look at them!SweetShop5

The Cupcake Pretend Money and all these Sweet Shop Items are available in this free printable. Your very own free printable Sweet Shop game for kids! It’s a great kids activity, and fun math game for kids. Don’t forget, you can print multiple copies of these for your personal use! You’ll need to print a few copies of the Pretend Money to give change too! I would love to do more ‘Shop’ games in the future – like sushi, fast food, movies etc! But hopefully you guys enjoy this one!



I really hope you enjoy this Sweet Shop Kids Game! Please let me know if you use them!Signature

A Rossy Update


So it’s been about 7 months since I first introduced you to Rossy (read the first post here). And boy, has a lot changed. Mainly his size! Let’s just look at a comparison shall we? There’s just 5 months between these two photos!


Crazy right? I mean, I still can’t believe it! Only seeing this side by side photo makes it seem real. It seriously wasn’t long ago that Rossy was so baby, he didn’t know his name, he didn’t give you eye contact, and he was pooing and peeing everywhere! Oh I certainly don’t miss those days… but I do miss his little puppy self, and his floppy ears.


They grow up too fast! I wish they could be small for just a little bit longer. And even though he’s almost 8 months which means he’s still a baby, he just looks so adult! He’s matured so fast.


He worries about us when we leave, he guards us when he hears strange noises, and he gets super happy when we all go for a walk together. It’s like he knows that he’s part of the 3 musketeers, or our own wolf pack.


Okay, so I may be very extremely bias but I think he looks gorgeous! He’s coat is soft and so shiny, he’s got the cutest big brown eyes, a long bushy tail, and his paws… are still huge! He’s so very photogenic, that I decided to create his own Instagram! He’s always doing funny, cute and dopey things, and like a crazy dog person – I take photos of it all! Follow him @classicrossy.


I love him!



Ice Cream Notecards


These ice cream notecards can be used for a number of things! Writing notes to your friend, jotting down reminders (pin them to your computer or corkboard), or even sending a greeting card for a special occasion (check out the matching envelope).



I love illustrating and designing ice creams! I think they’re so delicious and cute! I hope you enjoy these!LineImportantInfoSignature


Blog Planner and Budget Planner Printables

BloggingPhoto BudgetPhoto

To add to your 2015 Daily Planner Printable that I have designed, I just created these 2 extra add-on planners: A Blog Planner and a Budget Planner which are both available in my store now.

The Blog Planner is great for bloggers to keep track of your posts, schedules, ideas and upcoming projects. Everything you need to record your blog posting on the one page. Include links, labels, photo ideas and check off whether you share it across your social media. Even check off the steps from drafting to publishing and write down a follow-up idea for a future post!

BloggingPhoto4 BloggingPhoto2 BloggingPhoto3

The Budget Planner is a great way to keep track of your daily spendings. Determine a monthly budget with all your bills and income and then summarize them all together. You can also record all your credit card purchases. Write notes and goals on how you can improve. Keep it all together in the same binder as everything else.

BudgetPhoto3 BudgetPhoto2

These two organizational planners work great in A5 (210 x 148mm or 5.8 x 8.3 inch) size binders or ring bounded notebooks. They can be used by itself or with the Daily Planner as everything in one binder. You choose! Print these out yourself, shuffle them all in a binder of your choice and print out as many copies as you want!

Click these links now to get them: Blog Planner Printable, Budget Planner Printable, or 2015 Daily Planner Printable.

The binder in these photos that I got is from Kikki K. They just released a purple and gold one and now I’m dying to get my hands on them!

Hope you get a lot of use out of them!Signature