Review: Liz Earle


The Liz Earle products from the U.K have been widely talked about in the beauty blogosphere. Always one to try new face products and skincare lines, I quickly ordered these online and soon enough they were on their way to me to Australia. Shipping was quick, and I got a small travel size pack plus a free Brightening Treatment Mask too.

 What Is It? I got the skincare essentials Dry/Sensitive range. It’s made up of three products – a cream cleanser, a toner and a moisturiser (dry/sensitive). It also comes with a Muslin Cloth which is used to polish the skin after cleansing.

What’s In It? This trio of products all contain naturally active ingredients. The cleanser contains cocoa butter which helps softens skin, and eucalyptus oil, rosemary and chamomile which soothes and purifies skin. The toner contains aloe vera and cucumber helping your skin feel refreshed. It also has essential oils such as rose-scented geranium, lavender and sweet orange which just smells absolutely amazing. The moisturiser contains avocado oil, borage oil and echinacea which nourishes the skin, and Vitamin E which helps protect the skin.

How To Use It? Rub a coin size amount of the cleanser onto your face using both fingers. This can be applied straight onto your dry face. Massage in, collecting all the dirt, makeup and oil on your face. Wet the Muslin Cloth with warm water and gently wipe all over to get rid of cleanser. Rinse face with warm water then pat dry. Next use the toner, and wipe all over face, then follow up with the moisturizer. I do this morning and night.

How Much Is It? I paid 50 pounds (approximately $90 Aus). This is quite exy but it is for 3 full size products, a travel kit, a free brightening mask and shipping. I’ve been using this twice a day for 2 months and still have A LOT of product left. You can get them here.

Why I love it? Good daily skincare routine products are important for me. It’s hard to find a 3-step program that work, and work well together. The scent of all three products are divine. It’s so refreshing and revives the spirits. I almost feel like I’m giving myself a mini facial when I’m massaging the cleanser into my skin. It feels so smooth and gentle.  It fact, all products are gentle (nothing is abrasive, and nothing stings). It may not feel like it’s doing that much (because it really is that gentle) but, trust me, it is effective. You’re skin will feel cleansed, fresher, smoother and nourished. It’s only when you stop using it that you really can tell the difference. I also like it because it takes off all my makeup. I don’t even have to use a makeup remover before this! It’s just a good daily skincare line to use. I haven’t used a 3 step program all together like this, stuck with it and loved it since I bought Pevonia a while back. I would like to revisit Pevonia just so I can refresh and compare it but for now, these Liz Earle work just fine and I highly recommend.



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Uh, would you believe me if I told you this was meant to be posted 2 Sundays ago? Probably! Staying up late to get this done so it’s out before Easter. I wanted to do a few more illustrations but dang it, I ran out of time! And something’s better than nothing. If you like them, download them at the end of this post.



I really hope you like them! Still experimenting with watercolours, gouache and painting. Click the button below to download the PDF.


1. Scissors
2. Hole puncher
3. Twine, string or ribbon
4. At home printer and cardstock