Review: YSL Rouge Volupte Lipsticks


So I may be late hopping onto the bandwagon with this one, but once I took the plunge and purchased these babies, and tried them… I absolutely had to rave on about them too. This is the Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Lipsticks. I am reviewing 01 Nude Beige and 13 Peach Passion.

What Is It? A smooth creamy lipstick that leaves lips soft and gives a radiant colour. Nude Beige is a light pinkish nude colour and Peach Passion is a coral pink peach colour.

YSLLipstick4 YSLLipstick3

What’s In It? These lipsticks contain Hyaluronic acid microspheres which gives this formula intense moisture and hydration.

How To Use It? Like any lipstick, wind the stick up and apply over your lips. The texture is so creamy it only needs 1 or 2 swipes to apply the colour.

How Much Is It? You can purchase these at Myer or DJs for $55 each. Yeah, another steep one for us Aussies. Or you can try your luck on ebay for around $40 each.

Why I Love It? It’s just a lipstick right? A very expensive lipstick! Why so much fuss? Well I believe that these are worth all the hype. A lot of people talk about how creamy, most pigmented and glossy it is. And it’s very true. The colour is so rich, it doesn’t take much to get it on your lips, and the creaminess means it glides on so smoothly. It’s also mega glossy so you don’t need a gloss on top! And it’s not gloss-sticky either. But what I think is the best quality in these lipsticks is it’s moisturizing ability. It feels so hydrating on, while still maintaining the colour pay-off. It almost has this balmy texture to it. The colour doesn’t come off as easily as some other lipsticks. Don’t get me wrong, it does come off if you accidentally brush it against something, or while drinking your coffee; but because of it’s balmy/moisturizing formula, the colour doesn’t smear off – it’s more like how a lipbalm would smear off – the pigmented colour remains on your lips. With my other lipsticks, the rich colour would GO EVERYWHERE. I love them!



Review: Brazil Nut Body Scrub


A couple of weeks was when I first mentioned this divine product. I promised a review on it so here it is! This is the Brazil Nut Body Scrub from The Body Shop.

What Is It? The Brazil Scrub is an exfoliating scrub you use in the shower or bath which helps wash away dead skin cells and stimulates circulation leaving the skin soft and smooth to touch.

What’s In It? It’s key ingredients are Community Fair Trade Brazil Nut Oil and Cocoa Butter. It also contains a bunch of other ingredients like Glycerin, Shell Powder and Seeds (which gives it that texture for scrubbing). The oil has good skin benefits because it’s a natural moisturizer and contains high amounts of antioxidants.

How To Use It? Grab a coin size in your hand and massage it into your skin all over your body in a circular motion. Rinse off. You can use just your hands or use an exfoliating glove. I use just my hands because sometimes I feel like the gloves makes it feel too harsh!

How much is it? So here is probably the only down side to this product. It costs us Aussies $27.95. That is pretty steep! But we’re all aware of these jacked up prices down under aren’t we ladies? Sucks.

Why I Love It: The best thing about this product is the scent. In a previous post I did where I bought more Brazil Nut products (you can see what I got here), I described the scent as a very sweet, creamy, caramel, nut scent. I mean, it just smells AH-MAZING! The scrub itself is also creamy and I feel like not only does it exfoliate really well, but it’s really moisturizing too. For me that’s important because I have extremely dry skin. I follow it up with a good body butter or moisturizer afterwards. I would recommend using it a couple times a week and not overdo it. The crushed shell particles and seeds make it such a good exfoliate, but the moisturizing qualities in the oil and cocoa butter level it out, so while it feels like it’s doing a great job exfoliating, it’s not harsh on your skin because of the creaminess of it. Believe me, your skin will feel and smell SO good after.

BrazilScrub2 BrazilScrub3