2 x New Sticker Kits!



Introducing two new sticker kits to my Etsy store. I think I’ve finally (maybe almost) perfected my full kit. It’s a total of 6 pages and pretty much has everything you need to plan and decorate your Erin Condren planner.

Page One – 8 patterned full boxes
Page Two – 8 checklist full boxes
Page Three – 16 half boxes
Page Four – Washi and side bar stickers
Page Five – 48 headers
Page Six – Misc extra stickers – including checklist flags, weekend and movie stickers, circle icons, pay day, bill due, teardrop markers, dots, misc illustrated task stickers.

The first kit is this Sweet Sparkles set. It’s pastel pinks, purples and blues and has pretty patterns of sparkles, ice creams and watermelons.




To buy or check this kit out click here!

The other kit (and my personal favourite) is this beautiful blue Peacock Sticker Kit. It’s SO pretty, I love the watercolour style, and the deep blues and greens.




Isn’t it just divine!? I love it! I’m printing multiple copies just to use myself! To buy or check out this kit click here!

Hope you like! More kits coming soon!Signature

Free Printable: Counting Flash Cards


My latest flash card set – 1 to 10 Counting Flash Cards (with a card wallet to keep them in too)!

I recommend printing them out on card stock for durability. And laminate them for extra longevity! (I wish I had a laminator at home… a trip to Kmart maybe? A laminator would be so useful).


Download them with the link below.


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Free Printable: Let’s Go Shopping! – Sweet Shop


Not sure if it’s very obvious, but I love illustrating sweets. Cupcakes, lollies, cakes, cookies, donuts, ice creams… I’m obsessed!

I love shopping games and thought to make a paper version that’s both fun and educational!


Cut all your sweets out and stock your Sweet Shop. There are clear spots on the Sweet Shop ‘game board’ where the sweets go. Every sweet has a price tag. Cut all your coins out. And then, all you need to do is GO SHOPPING! Pick out a sweet, and pay the right amount of dollars! *Note: sweets are not actually edible!


Other shops coming soon! Download the Sweet Shop below.


Have fun!Signature

Free Printable: Weather Flash Cards


Got another addition to my Flash Cards, and this one is all about the Weather!


There are 8 different Weather flash cards in this set. Print them out (thick card stock is best), cut them out and you can choose to laminate them to make the last longer. Download below.