Congrats! You’re having a baby!


Congratulate the mum-to-be with this funny ‘heads up’ card! My friend recently had her Baby Shower and I painted this cute card for her! Then I decided to make this into a FREE Printable Baby Card for all you guys!

To download this Free Printable ‘Sh*t Just Got Real’ Baby Congratulations Card, click the link below:LineImportantInfo

If you don’t already know, I did another Free Printable Baby Card a few months ago. You can check it out here.

Enjoy! And please let me know if you use it!


Home Office Makeover


WOOHOO! My office is finally ready to be revealed!

A couple of months ago I did this post on the wall colour of my home office. This was the start of the makeover and now, I present to you the final assembly and decor of my new office! The major change of this room was the newly painted walls so if you have a couple more minutes, go back to that post and check it out first!


Let’s start with the Ikea Alex Drawer units which I added gold diagonal stripes to the front of the drawers. Similar to when I did the walls, I just used painters tape and super gold spray paint (which by the way is the best gold paint ever! When I first bought it I had this urge to spray paint anything I could put my hands on – you will see from a few things in this very post). So easy!


Of course this isn’t what my desk usually looks like when I’m working. Usually there’s papers, sketchbooks, coffee mugs and other bits and bobs strewn all over. I try and keep it as neat and organized as I can. At the end of the day, I tidy it up ready to be messed again the next day! Can’t go anywhere without my Lilac Kikki.K Leather Planner. All my printable planners I’ve designed is in there including my Daily Planner, Blog Schedule and Budget Planner printables. I am SO ready for 2015!


The desk organizer in Shagreen is from Martha Stewart and matches my walls perfectly. I keep all my notepads, sticker books, post-it notes and planner pads in there. The pen holder is actually a used up Bath and Body works candle I cleaned up and added gold leaf stripes to (DIY project of this coming soon!).


A have a few of my favourite books and magazines sits beside me. These books inspire me the most and I like to flick through them every once in a while when my head gets overwhelmed by ideas. My top faves are Happy Handmade Home by the ladies at A Beautiful Mess, and Home by Beci Orpin (Beci’s got a new craft book called Make & Do which I am dying to get my hands on!).


You can probably see the ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots better with this ‘after’ photo. I removed those wooden venetian blinds and replaced it with a nice white roller blind and a sheer curtain. This has definitely brought more light into the room especially with the new white trims. OfficeReveal2

I plan on putting up a couple more pictures on the walls though I haven’t got around to going through my millions of photos and printing them out yet. Putting pictures up is actually tricky business! And yes, I did spray paint those frames.OfficeReveal3

My favourite part of my office at the moment are those honeycomb shelves! They’re just so beautiful and I am really into geometric shapes at the moment (do you like my collection of Pop! Vinyl characters? I actually have more but they all couldn’t fit in here. My favourite is The Iron Giant). Again, those toy dinosaurs were also spray painted!


This is what you see behind me. I painted the backboard of the Ikea Billy Bookcase yellow for a pop of colour. Styling book shelves is a new thing for me and I am still learning from it. I put inspirational items on the floating wall shelf like a gold ‘M’ (yep! Spray painted), quote prints, candles and fragrances. The Magazine rack is used to organize various paperwork like bills, tax receipts, for filing, to do etc.


Those 3 boxes I painted and wrapped. They were originally brown cardboard boxes (DIY craft project of this coming soon too!).


I will most likely change up a lot of the things on these book shelves. I work in the publishing industry so a lot of the shelves hold magazines and books that are related to my work. But I do have a lot of fun items on there too!

And that’s about it! Loving my new room, and still have a few DIY craft projects to add (like gold leafing my desk lamp… doable right?). Stay tuned…


Free Printable: Halloween Goodie Bags and Clips


Need something to hold all your sweets and candies on Halloween Night? Why not use this patterned Halloween Goodie Bag printable! Clip together using pegs with cute Halloween art or you could attach string to the sides of the bags as handles.



Assembling the bags is very easy! Cut the template out and fold all the dotted lines. Attach the side tab to the opposite side edge to make the bag. Fold all the bottom flaps in the numbered steps from 1 to 4. Push Flap 4 into the bottom until it traps with all the flaps. That’s it!


To download, click the button below.


Make sure to check out the FREE Printables I did for Halloween last year. They were the Halloween Puppets and Halloween Stickers/Tags. Also check out the Halloween Masks too!

Happy Trick or Treating (hopefully more Treating!)



Make Your Own Gold Leaf Quote

GoldLeafPrint0I love decorating my home with quote prints mixed in amongst photos and artwork. There’s something quite chic about the letters being in gold. Create a stunning gold word or short phrase to add a bit of shimmer to your walls or shelves.

// watercolour paper
// gold leafing sheets
// brush
// pencil
// small cloth or extra brush
// adhesive for gilding (for gold leaf)
// clear varnish sealer
// black ink (to practice with)

1. Decide on the word or phrase you want. Start writing it on paper in different ways and layouts, practicing the lettering until you are happy with how you want it. Use a brush with black ink to practice the strokes and get a feel of the brush as that’s how you’ll be applying the adhesive on the paper. It’s best to have the letters quite bold and not too thin.


2. When you are ready, take your sheet of watercolour paper and write your phrase down using your pencil. Erase mistakes and do over until you are happy.


3. Use a brush dipped into the adhesive gilding and paint over your pencil sketch. It’s hard to see the glue as it’s clear but if you turn the paper towards the light you’ll be able to see where you’ve painted. Really make sure you’ve got enough of the adhesive down on the paper, not a super thin coat and not a thick glob but something in between.


4. Wait a little bit for the adhesive to get tacky and lay your gold leaf sheet over the top. It’s okay if your sheet isn’t big enough, just take another and patch up where it didn’t reach. Pat the leafing down with a cloth or separate brush very gently making sure it adheres to the glue.


5. The gold leaf will work quite fast on the paper but you’ll need to wait 10-15min for it to dry. Then slowly start ripping the excess gold leaf off around the letters. Using a brush, or your finger with a soft cloth, start removing the gold leaf closer to the edge of the letters. If you’ve applied enough of the gilding adhesive it should come off quick cleanly. But if you haven’t (like me) then some of the gold leaf will actually come off the letters (see that V?). Don’t worry! We can fix this!


6. All you need to do is apply more of the gilding adhesive with the brush and gold leaf again. Patch up all the little areas that the gold leaf didn’t stick to the first time.


7. Brush off all the excess gold leaf. If you have a frame to put this in, then you are done! If you want to protect the quote, paint or spray a clear varnish sealer over the top. Wait for it to dry and voila!




Free Printable: Halloween Kids Masks


Hasn’t this year just flown by? Yes! It’s nearly Halloween… already! Yikes. Are you guys ready for it?

To help you out, I’ve got this super cute FREE Kids Halloween Masks printable! There’s 4 in this set – a Vampire, Pumpkin, Witch and Frankenstein.


Cut them out, including the eyes (be careful) and either tape a paddle popstick or attach some string to the sides. It’s better to print these out on thicker paper like card stock for a bit more durability.


I tried masking Rossy with the Frankenstein one for a nice photo op, but he just wanted to eat it. I really hope you enjoy this FREE Kids Halloween Mask Printable. Please let me know if you use it this Halloween!LineImportantInfo

Make sure to check out the FREE Printables I did for Halloween last year. They were the Halloween Puppets and Halloween Stickers/Tags. I’ll be working on some more FREE Halloween Printables in the next few weeks so stayed tuned!